• Geoffrey Keating

    Geoffrey Keating

    Director and Designer

    The founder and director of Keating Woodworks, Geoffrey is a 5th generation furniture maker who has been designing and building fine furniture and award winning interiors for the past 18 years. He is a father of three who enjoys watching films, mountain biking and rock climbing.

  • Anna Keating

    Sales and PR

    The co-owner of Keating Woodworks, Anna is an author, teacher, rock climber and mom who believes that beauty matters and that good design makes life better.

  • Donivan Harville

    Master Finisher and Craftsman

    A former college football star Donivan Harville brings a commitment to excellence and an attention to detail to each and every piece. He enjoys working with his hands and seeing a space come together. In his free time he coaches youth basketball and hangs out with his cat Walter.

  • Enzo Lohse

    Craftsman and Shop Manager

    A talented rock climber and craftsman Enzo is responsible for tracking individual job elements from start to finish. A naturally gifted maker Enzo loves a challenge and learning new things. In his free time he enjoys climbing, mountain biking, and making music.

  • Emily Uren

    Craftswoman and Booth Manager

    Trained as a classical pianist Emily Uren brings the same artistic sensibility and passion for detail to building beautiful and functional pieces for the home. She loves listening to her favorite playlists while working on cool projects. In her free time she enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, making art in various mediums and hanging with her cat Maurice.